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The Personal Shopper short time course offers modern and updated contents in intensive format to learn about the key factors to enter a sector in constant contact with fashion.

The image is a form of communication and hit each time can change the perception that others have of us. The Personal Shopper not only advises on purchases, this professional helps to improve or change the image from identifying the movements of the current fashion or trends, to locate the most exclusive trade.

In Ártidi, students learn to be always in contact with the reality of the moment and use their information techniques and urban culture. This is a course that integrates different knowledge so that the result is successful for every person and every moment.

The course has a duration of 24 hours that are taught from a theoretical and practical methodology in order to acquire basic knowledge to advise in the purchase process and improve the image of the people.  

  • Initiate the students in the personal shopper profession.
  • Provide basic information to create outfits and advise.
  • Learn how to analyze their own image and that of others.
  • Show routes of shops in the city of Barcelona.
  • Learn to manage budgets.

Personal Shopper
• What is a Personal Shopper? 
• The shopping expert.
• The personal style of the customers ID: tastes, needs and priorities.
• Functions of the personal shopper.
• Types of personal shopper: occasional, personal and professional.

Shopping experience: shopping route
• How to be planned and move in them.
• Types of shops for clients.
• Reborn in style among fashion.
• Routes to surprise the customer.
• Shopping in Barcelona.

Outfits in fashion: character to the limit
• Difference or not? Elegance and style.
• How to make a book of styles.
• Clothing list.
• How to empower a customer through the wardrobe.
• Etiquette: male and female tag.

Analysis of the customer's image
• Personal image.
• Male and female types.
• How correct the typologies and empower them.

Visagism and make-up: face the mirror of the soul
• The study of the face.
• The glasses as a complement to the face.
• Imperfections and corrections.
• Correction of the face and embellishment techniques.
• Suitable products and textures depending on the type of skin.

Essential resources for advice
• How create a good wardrobe fund.
• Advice with all types of budgets.

The program is taught in Spanish.

Metodología teórico-práctica + Innovación + Test de color + Espacio exclusivo de imagen + Tienda Piloto + talleres profesionales + Excelencia formativa + ÁRTIDIEMPLEO + Formación in company a primeras marcas de moda + Colaboradora del ICQP de la Generalitat de Catalunya + Creatividad + la mayor infraestructura de Europa dedicada a esta formación. 

The faculty is composed of active professionals with national and international recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

Isis del Cueto (BA in Art History and a PhD in Audiovisual Communication)
• Estíbaliz Saenz (Art director, stylist and image consultant)
Dani Moon (Hair & Make-Up, an expert in image and makeup)

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• Create innovative new outfits for brands, companies and customers.
• Create styles of clothing and counseling of clients.
• Analyze personal image and apply the techniques to enhance the visual image.
• Identify the different fashion styles and trends for application to professional work.
• Advise on fashion styling for catalogs, fashion shows, showrooms, cinema, theater and television.

ARTIDI offers a course pack + hotel accommodation thanks to an agreement with a hotel chain of Barcelona. Check availability and price school secretary.


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