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Nowadays, make-up is not only synonymous with glamour or vanity, make-up and hair, as well as clothing is now our business card in a world increasingly dominated by visual stimuli. For this reason, it is necessary to invest in our face, presenting a good image, both make-up and hair style, the same care that we invest in our clothes.

The Social Makeup course has 16 hours, which combines theory and practical methodology in order to provide practical training in social makeup allowing attendees to refine techniques, processes and styles to create natural looks appropriate to the time of day or the event to attend. 

  • Use the social make-up as an indispensable tool when creating a custom style.
  • Apply cosmetics properly: from profiling to fade.
  • Work phases of makeup: preparation of the skin and application.
  • Learn the make-up: nude, day, afternoon, evening and wedding.
  • Know the cosmetics industry, makeup and its impact on society.

The social makeup artist briefcase 
• Brushes, sponges for make-up and key tools of the Briefcase.
• Proofreaders and Illuminators.
• Types of bases of makeup and makeup powders.
• Shadows, pencils and lipstick: makeup colors.
• Make up Remover products and beauty creams.

Nude makeup: makeup canvas
• Application of Correctors: the secret of a social makeup.
• Foundation: skin, the secret of a beautiful face.
• Techniques for correction of the face.
• Suitable depending on the type of skin products and textures.

Day makeup: our business card
• Eye Pencils: when to use them and how to correct and enhance a look.
• Dithering shadow: warm and cold pallets.
• Rouge: anti fatigue product.
• Mascara: the best-selling cosmetics in the world.

Evening Makeup: makeup for business events
• Smoking: the tool that fits the social makeup trends.
• Lip Pencils: when to use them and how to correct or enhance a smile.
• Business Make-Up: presentations and conferences.

Makeup Evening: Party Makeup
• Tearing of eyes.
• Eye liner use.
• False eyelashes.

Wedding Makeup: makeup quintessential social makeup
• Retro Bride.
• Hollywood Bride.
• Classic Bride.
• Adapted to bridal makeup trends.

The course is taught in Spanish.

You need to bring a brushes blanket and make-up bases. Contact the supplier center and shops. 

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The faculty is composed of active professionals with national and international recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

• Dani Moon (Hair & Make-Up, an expert in image and makeup) - click here

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

ARTIDI offers a pack of course + hotel accommodation thanks to an agreement with a hotel chain of Barcelona. Check availability and price on the Secretariat of the Centre.


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