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postgraduate | Commercial interior design, visual and retail design

The Interior commercial, visual and retail design specialization course prepares students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to design, plan and lead global commercial interior design projects, thus achieving better business goals and higher sales. The tools and techniques will allow you to design a store, a shop, a hotel lobby, gym, etc.

The commercial interior designer is a creative practice that analyzes the information from a space open to the public, sets a direction, marks a layout and prepares graphic communications and construction documents. In addition, it takes into account styles, functionality, space, customers, design basis and image altogether.

Ártidi trains professionals capable of creating functional spaces that encourage the purchase and transmits the customer a sense of well being and satisfaction. You will acquire knowledge about corporate image, furniture, structures, and spaces and also on product placement, hot and cold spots, points of sale types, exhibitors, among others

The SPQA is an exclusive course consisting of an Ártidi own degree with national and international scope recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP, and Trends School.

The SPQA Interior commercial, visual and retail design specialization course has 84 hours, it is divided into 3 training modules and a final project that combines theory with practice. In the project each student will develop it according to their concerns and interests. 

  • Educate students in the specific field of the commercial interior design.
  • Show the design process and work plan to carry out a project.
  • Develop the ability to treat the space and different materials.
  • Provide knowledge on trends, corporate image, color, furniture and Eco design.
  • Create the ability to merge functionality and design by introducing knowledge of the field of Visual Merchandising.
  • Learn to design spaces that respond to the needs of each client and which differ from the competition.
  • Work creativity from a business point of view and interior design projects.
  • Encourage the student to create new trends in sales and position it in a competitive global context


Start with the foundations: space, client and trends
• Introduction to the commercial interior design and new concepts.
• Conversation with the client: briefing, contra briefing.
• The importance of the commercial establishment location.
• Analysis of technical, commercial and aesthetic space.
• Idea, design and implementation of a project.
• Vanguard commercial spaces and unique examples.

The adventure of a project: Construction and improvement of space
• Distribution of spaces and development of building parts.
• Design a place so that others enjoy it.
• Construction materials applied to commercial premises.
• Among new materials go game.
ECO DESSIGN: Sustainability and low budgets. - click here
• Project layout

The furniture: the great ally of space
• Furniture and new mechanisms of exposure.
• Buy or design?
• Prevent uncontrolled invasion of furniture.

101 Ways to Make: Management and organization of the work
• Negotiation with companies and suppliers.
• The importance of the work delivery on time and well done.
• Action in space.

• Light as active in the conceptualization of space.
• Lighting systems depending on the area.
• Lighting projects through examples.

Presentation of projects and management of budgets


Visual merchandising
• Retail: management and creation of strategic visuals.
• Deployment and redistribution of spaces.
• Planning and zoning of the visual presentations.
• Creation of business atmospheres and environments.
• New cultures in visual merchandising and store of the future.
Sensory branding applied to the buying process  - click here
• Sales in life marketing techniques - click here

Analysis of commercial spaces. AVEC technic

Pop up Stores: guerrilla stores
• Pop up store as a new proposal for sale - click here
• How and when to create a Pop up Store.
• Product Placement and point of sale optimization.
• Design and installation of a pop up store in our pilot store.

Trade marketing & Shopping experience
• The shopper as the center of attention.
• Activation of point of sale and the importance of advertising.
• Emotions, brands and shopping experience - click here
• Shopping marketing 3.0


Branding: Implementation and development
• Implementation of own brands or franchises.
• The role of the interior designer and the visual merchandiser at the opening of stores.
• Love marks: Image to follow.
• Applied strategic communication: analysis of real cases.

The brand and style
• Corporate image and signage.
• Elements of the image and form of the visual message.
• The perception of the image and visual techniques.

Representation of 3D drawings and blueprint: Sketch Up
• Design of commercial space in planograms.
• Import of furniture and layout in 3D.
• Incorporation of the product in the commercial space.


Workshop: Techniques for promoting your personal brand with creativity
• To have answers you need to do things differently.
• Useful and practical tools to exploit your creativity.
• How to unlock and argue the performance of creative potential.

Professional development and brand self (online course)
• Design and build your professional blog.
• Auto marketing, personal marketing: you are the brand.
• Effective ways of job search: internet, networking and self nominations.


To complete the academic formation it is necessary to develop a creative and innovative project where all theoretical and practical knowledge are applied.

The program is taught in Spanish. 

• Practical syllabus taught in small groups.
• Our interior designers provide a plus to companies since they will count with the point of view of a visual merchandiser
• The course is taught from the point of view of aesthetic, functional and sales
• With this training your interior design projects will have continuity, since you can monitor them as visual merchandiser and as AVEC advisor.
• Application in trade marketing & shopping experience.
• At the end of the course a professional counselor advises students about job opportunities considering their studies, professional experience and personalized SWOT analysis. 

The faculty is composed of working professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

José Luis Martínez (General Director of Ártidi and trainer of trainers at ICE of the University of Barcelona)
Miriam Torres (Expert in branding and brand image)
Montse Cuenca (window dresser expert and responsible company brand Boboli)
José Manuel Fernández (Architect Studio La Granja)
Helena Chao (Expert in lighting)
Alexandra Proaño (Architect and space designer)
Ramon Malvar (Architect and CEO of Ramón Malvar Architects)
Jackeline Jorba (Interior Designer, window dresser and visual merchandiser)
Eli Perez (Interior designer, publicist and expert in space communication)
Roberto Paparcone (Architect and interior designer specialized in retail, fairs and product)
Chené Gómez (Illustrator, expert in retail and founder of Creart)

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• Management of global projects for trade works.
• Design of commercial spaces from an aesthetic and functional perspective to achieve an increase in sales.
• Design and installation of Pop up Stores.
• Application of strategic visual merchandising at point of sale.
• Organization and implementation of techniques and strategies of Trade marketing & Shopping Experience.
• Provide the latest trends and product implementation methods at the point of sale and apply them accordingly to each company.
• Carry out projects with little budget for new businesses or franchises.
• Creation of installation at events and trade fairs.
• Apply Eco design in the decoration of ephemeral and commercial spaces.
• Implementation of commercial interior design / 3D visual merchandising projects. 

Ártidi has agreements with over 90 partner companies with international and national recognition for training practices: Ikea, Escada, La Mallorquina, Inditex Group, Custo, LROptics, Adolfo Dominguez, Intersport, McGregor, Oysho, Reebok, Pronovias, Swatch, La Perla, Adidas and others. 

Qualifications: SPQA specialization in Interior commercial, visual and retail design.

Granted by Ártidi Advanced School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. National and international professional competitions.  


Aimed at professionals in industries such as interior design, design, architecture, sales, marketing, decoration, trade, window dressing, visual merchandising, as well as people without experience but wishing to get training and SQA ÁRTIDI certification to guide their career.


Del 23 de Noviembre de 2019 al 01 Agosto 2020 - CURSO DE UN FIN DE SEMANA AL MES

  • 23 y 24 de noviembre 2019
  • 14 y 15 de diciembre 2019
  • 11 y 12 de enero de 2020
  • 15 y 16 de febrero de 2020
  • 14 y 15 de marzo de 2020
  • 18 y 19 de abril de 2020
  • 16 y 17 de mayo de 2020
  • 13 y 14 de junio de 2020
  • 11 y 12 de julio de 2020 (Fecha Final de Carga Lectiva)
  • 01 Agosto 2020 (Proyecto Final)


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