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intensive | Creativity: A wink, an idea
Cómo miran los que crean

Creativity is a skill, a way to transform, to invent or find solutions to problems, it is an innate quality in people but you must learn to develop it. The challenge lies in awakening those feelings that make them emerge.

Highly valued in our personal and professional life, different companies describe creativity from different points of view but all agree that it is an essential part of life and business growth.

In Ártidi the main goal is to provide the students a new vision and to get to be able to integrate it into any personal or professional situation. This course is beyond the standard courses because it treats creativity in an original and practical way, and with a never seen functional vision.

BQA Creativity – A wink, an Idea runs for 15 hours offered through a methodology that combines theoretical and practical exercises, group dynamics and exercises where students participate by encouraging and experimenting new ways of perceiving and transmit new creative concepts.

  • Develop your creativity to give most original solutions and learn how to be a business creative.
  • Learn how to be more creative and innovative with the learned techniques.
  • Bring out feelings to discover creativity from another point of view.
  • Apply these techniques to business growth.
  • Make visible changes to strengthen the positioning of an organization.
  • Teach students to associate creativity with marketing and the business world.
  • Promoting your personal brand through creativity.

A creative in the company
-You already are creative and you can be more:
• Test and exercises to develop this skill to the maximum.
• Concepts and patterns: breaking the mold.
-What companies look for and why they need creativity:
• Having solutions in all areas, jobs and sectors.
• Creativity = anything goes?
-Create to create or create for innovation that is the question:
• Both serves to improve or to invent, start today. 
-Steps in the development of creative projects:
• Incentives for the production of ideas.
• Have, assess, select and present the best idea.

Am I creative? Techniques for promoting your personal brand with creativity
-Stimulate creativity from different points of view:
• To get new answers you need to do things differently.
• Useful and practical tools to exploit your creativity.
• How to unlock and enhance the performance of creative potential.
• For day to day in your professional and personal life.
-Show your creativity in everything you do:
• Search and conceptualization of non-conventional deductions.
• One of your main adjectives and to be recognized by everyone.
-Creativity in my personal brand carried into practice:
• Book, curriculum, verbal communication and non-verbal, image...

Creativity for those who are, for those who are not and for those who believe that they are not... For you
-Look through self
• Unlearn to learn: the Sun is round?
• Work creativity from emotions
-Creativity and expression models
• The DNA of creativity.
• Storytelling has a reason.
• The experience of rebirth to be creative.
• How to feel and think in pursuit of creativity.
-Who you are and who you can be?
• My self of the future.
• New questions, new answers.
• 3 successful characters  + 3 successful companies = Formula to creative differentiation.

In the final part of the course will help you to create a unique professional profile that will expand your career opportunities

The program is taught in Spanish.

If you want to know more about the course and teachers, look for the Creative Director’s Blog 

The faculty is comprised of working professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

Montse Morales (Creative Director of Ártidi and trainer of trainers at ICE of the University of Barcelona)
• Laura Soler (Expert on creativity. Partner Director - Executive Coach ICF's be More Group)

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• The Creativity course does not bring anything new and is a waste of time.
• You will not learn anything and it is better to stay at home watching TV and waiting for great ideas to appear.
• You can keep watching as everyone congratulates your professional teammates for their creative ideas.
• Purchase several books on creativity and take advantage of them. It is best than come to the course, but...
• If you decide to participate in the course of creativity, you have to leave pride at home, because this course is not for people without decision
• See the creativity from another point of view and apply it on the job creating trends of business success is one of the objectives of this course… Do you see yourself able to get it?

ARTIDI offers a course pack + hotel accommodation thanks to an agreement with a hotel chain of Barcelona. Check availability and price school secretary.


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