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specialization | Personal shopper and fashion stylist

The Personal Shopper and Fashion Stylist specialization course prepares you to be a full professional who will be always attentive to new trends and will consider always the customer to create unique outfits that offer the best image

The Personal Shopper is a professional who provides styling services to individuals, shops, businesses, companies and professional groups, guiding his/her clients through different stores to choose the best clothing and accessories for every occasion taking into account the personality and physical aspects. As a fashion stylist you will be a creative professional able to select, organize and match the costumes, accessories and outfits not only on individuals but in company mannequins. A professional profile necessary to carry out photographic sessions, shootings, catwalks, showrooms and television.

Ártidi forms professionals for contemporary society, where the image has become an important aspect, both on a personal and professional level. Today there are many companies that demand professional graduates in our courses of personal shopper and fashion stylist, as image professionals to increase sales and position your brand.

The SPQA is an exclusive Ártidi course and consists of an own degree with national and international scope recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP and Trends School. The training program gives you the tools to improve your abilities, attitudes and skills, as well as theoretical and technical skills.

The course has 84 hours, is divided into 4 training modules and a final project that combines theory with practice. 

  • Train students in the specific field of the fashion stylist and the personal shopper.
  • Develops the ability to combine colors, fabrics, shapes, styles and trends.
  • Know and create routes of shops depending on the client's taste, type, and budget.
  • Work creativity from a business point of view and from a development projects in styling point of view.
  • Observe new trends and provide expertise in the dress and image consultancy.
  • Learn the different methodologies of work according to the businesses and customer needs.
  • Providing the necessary tools to expose and apply the knowledge acquired during the course.
  • Place the students in a competitive employment framework. Analyzing the market, the product and the customer.


Personal Shopper
• What is a Personal Shopper? Targets and purposes
• The importance of savoir faire, manners and culture.
• Types of personal shopper: occasional, personal and professional.
• The personal style of the customers ID: tastes, needs and priorities.
• Psychology applied to the customer: get to know them and advise them.
• Shopping for all kinds of budgets.

Shopping experience: shopping route
• How to plan and move in them.
• Types of shops for clients.
• Routes to surprise the customer.
• Shopping in Barcelona.

Cool hunter: the inspiration
• Where to look for trends and how to implement them.
• Street Style: is located on the street.
• How to implement new trends from the Personal shopper’s point of view.
• How to turn your client into a trendsetter.

Not without my personal shopper: the rules of "how to" succeed
• How to retain a customer.
• How to differentiate yourself from the competition and be a reference.


Contemporary history of fashion
• The Haute Couture, the beginning of a career.
• Style icons that have shaped the aesthetic ideal.
• 90’s to present: new concept of luxury.
• Current Fashion and Trends.

Outfits in dress
• Is it the same to be elegant than to have style?
• Types of styles and how to make a book.
• The "must have".
• Differences between defined style and personal style.
• Clothing list.
• Forms of dress and know how to dress.
• Used clothing to enhance your client.
• How create a good wardrobe fund.

The universe of fashion accessories
• Trends in accessories.
• Choosing the accessories indicated for each stylist and client.
• Jewelry, optics, scarves, handbags, belts and shoes.
• How to transform a style through fashion accessories.

Fabrics: a world to explore
• Identification of fabrics in each garment.
• Fall or volume? Choose the fabric for every occasion and garment.
• Learn to decipher the label of a garment.


Image: the real star
• Analysis of personal image.
• Male and female types.
• How correct the typologies and empower them.
• Anthropometric analysis: the ideal proportions.
• Test of color

Visagism: the face, the mirror of the soul
• The study of the face and their corrections.
• Imperfections, tips and corrections.

Make up & Hair: risk and reward
• Correction of the face and embellishment techniques.
• Color makeup palette
• Suitable products and textures depending on skin type.
• Cuts, hairstyles and accessories.

Protocol and etiquette
• The standards, applications and social skills according to Protocol.
• Male and female tag.
• The poise.


Professional Shopper and brands
• How to shop from Showrooms, fairs and parades.
• How works the Department of purchases of a company.
• The target and the profile of our customers.
• The creation of a collection panels.
• Essential clothing, trends and basics.
• Buy to sell fashion.

The art of creating outfits on mannequins
• Trends and outfits: elaboration of looks depending on the brand.
• Types of mannequins, busts and other formats.
• The mannequin in space: location and interpretation.

Training to clerks: more output
• Transmit knowledge from consultancy and personal shopper to the clerks.
• Revaluation of the clerk’s profession.
• Customizing is the key to sales.


Techniques for promoting your personal brand with creativity
• To get the answers you need to do things differently.
• Useful and practical tools to exploit your creativity.
• How to unlock and argue the performance of creative potential.

Professional development and brand self (online course)
• Design and build your professional blog.
• Auto marketing, personal marketing: you are the brand.
• Effective ways to find work: internet, networking, and self nominations.


To complete the academic formation it is necessary to develop a creative and innovative project where all theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the course are applied.

The program is taught in Spanish. 

• Practical program with actual practices.
• Specialized training in Professional Shopper - figure responsible for buying collections for multi-brand shops and businesses.
• Knowledge in the discipline of Cool-hunter - It motivates students to create innovative styles for trend-setting companies. Innovative stylings click here
• The possibility of being trainer of clerks so they can acquire knowledge of personal shopper and cool-hunter.
• Work with all your five senses to provide the best for each client.
• After completing the course a Professional Counselor will advise you about job opportunities taking in account your studies; professional experience and personalized SWOT analysis. 

The faculty is composed of active professionals with national and international recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

Estíbaliz Ginestà (Image Consultant, designer and stylist)
Mercè Miguel (Image Consultant and Personal Shopper)
Cristina Fado (Fashion stylist publishing and wedding fashion)
Isis del Cueto (BA in Art History and a PhD in Audiovisual Communication)
David Gómez (Window dresser and Visual freelance)
Dani Moon (Hair & Make-Up, an expert in image and makeup)
Judith Amabat (Image Consultant and Personal Shopper)
Ursula Uria (Cool hunter and responsible of agency Nelly Rodi in Spain)
Monica Ibáñez (Professional Shopper and Visual Merchandiser)
• Collaboration of STUDIOTEX, experts in fabrics

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• Creation of new innovative outfits for brands, companies and customers.
• Advise on fashion styling for catalogs, fashion shows, showrooms, cinema, theater and television.
• Identify and create new styles of urban fashion applied to brands.
• Creation new actions for brands to come out of the standard.
• Analyze the image of consumers and companies to find the point of union.
• Advise and create current outfits for business executives.
• Analyze your image and that of your customers.
• Learn about and advise on routes of shops.

More than 70 companies national and international collaborate with Ártidi. Through these agreements and our involvement and innovation enables our students be present at companies such as INDITEX, Armani, Hugo Boss, Custo Barcelona, Cortefiel, Springfield, Nike, Adidas, H&M, C&A, IKEA, Conforama, Jack&Jones, Blanco, Diesel, Desigual, Mango, Corte Inglés, Coronel Tapioca, Tous, among others.

Qualifications: Specialization SPQA on Personal Shopper and Fashion Stylist.

Granted by Ártidi Advanced School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. With National and international professional competitions. 


Aimed at professionals in industries such as fashion, design, sales, marketing, business management, image consultants, window dressing, visual merchandisers, as well as people without previous knowledge wishing to obtain training and certification SQA ÁRTIDI to guide your career.




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