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Visual Merchandising, Diseño e Imagen
specialization | Introduction to visual merchandising

The Introduction to Visual Merchandising course prepares you to obtain basic knowledge to get in the field of visual merchandising, familiarizing you with concepts and strategies related to the point of sale, product, space and intangible factors for the creation of atmospheres and environments.

The professional profile of the visual merchandiser is of great importance for businesses since it is responsible for the image and visual positioning of the brand. It goes from the layout of the commercial area up to the product implementation, to the atmosphere of the room to the strategies and marketing actions in the point of sale. He knows the consumer psychology and is able to apply it in the sales of products or services.

Ártidi forms passionate and creative professionals capable to change the consumer’s perception, while looking for innovation to achieve the brand positioning and an increase in sales. Visual merchandising professionals who apply their five senses to create a concept store and meet customer expectations. Those are their responsibilities.

The BQA has 35 hours duration and it is taught from a theoretical and practical methodology in order to acquire the basic knowledge of the design, creation and installation of a commercial space, to enter the field of visual merchandising. 

  • Learning different physical, cognitive and conditioning factors of Visual Merchandising.
  • Mastering space-related strategies, product and intangible factors to the creation of atmospheres and environments.
  • Encourage the perception of retail spaces from a basic perspective emphasizing the most relevant contents addressing each topic in a real way.
  • Learn and apply what you have learned in a short time.

Retail & Visual Merchandising
• Management and creation of strategic visuals.
• Implementation and redistribution of spaces based on of the laws of visual.
• Planning and zoning of visual presentations.
• Families of products, complementary products and cross-selling.
• Retail & visual merchandising projects through examples.
• Analysis of commercial spaces. AVEC technic

Implementation of brand and strategic merchandising
• Implementation of own brands or franchises.
• The role of the visual merchandiser in trade marketing.

Branding and Alternative Comunication
• The power of a brand and branding principles.
• Communication strategies and brand dissemination.
• Alternative communication actions: Buzz marketing, Cross marketing and Street marketing - click here
• The importance of window dressing
• Sensory branding applied to the purchase process

Pop up Stores: guerrilla stores
• How and when to create a Pop up Store - click here
• Manipulation of space.
• The importance of the dissemination on the media.
• Brands and designers such as potential customers.

Product placement in Visual Merchandising
• Presentation based on the brand strategies.
• The product as street art.
• New trends in article’s implementation.
• POS (Point of Sale) optimization: redistribution of the product in the furniture.
• Product placement and product diversification.

Fashion placement: Visual compositions in store
• Dubbing of clothing as a sales strategy.
• Creative ways: design versus art - click here
• The focus point as the reinterpretation of the product space.
• Implementation and garments exposure at the furniture exhibition.
• Fashion and art on mannequins

The shop assistant’s training at the point of sale
• Trends and fashion outfits
• The assistant manager of the store

After completing this course the students will mount a real store.

The program is taught in Spanish. 

• Ártidi is the only training center that has performed the professional qualifications with the ICQP (Official Agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya).
• Artidi’s teaching team consists of active professionals.
• Via the web ARTIDI WORKING, students have the opportunity to rent or sell the showcases/storefronts created during the course, allowing the promotion and recovery of the amount invested for new projects. ARTIDI WORKING is located at the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo. - click here
• In Artidi we annually conduct In-Company training to more than 20 companies from different sectors such as Nike, Adidas, Chambers of Commerce, Freipan among others. This contact with companies allows us to adapt our training programs to the reality of today's market and meeting the businesses needs.
• Artidi offers optimal facilities for the training in window dressing and visual merchandising (40 windows, pilot shop, equipped workshops, 3D design classroom, mannequins ... among other equipment) - click here

The faculty is comprised of working professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

José Luis Martínez (General Director of Ártidi and trainer of trainers at ICE of the University of Barcelona)
Monica Ibáñez (Visual image of Coordinator Trucco company)
Jackeline Jorba (Window Dresser and Visual Freelance)
Dori Fernández (Expert in Marketing and alternative communication)
Mateu Farré (Industrial Designer, Window Dresser, Visual Freelance)

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• Participate in the development of commercial spaces projects.
• Creativity as a work tool.
• Create atmospheres, visual and commercial environments.
• Understand the 3D visual merchandising techniques.
• Apply the Visual Merchandising concepts at the point of sale on different families, lines and types of products and services.
• Develop visual merchandising in a commercial establishment. 

ARTIDI offers a course pack + hotel accommodation thanks to an agreement with a hotel chain of Barcelona. Check availability and price school secretary.


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