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postgraduate | European technician in corporate image, branding and comunication

The European Technician in Corporate Image, Branding and Communication course prepares you to be a professional capable of developing global projects related to the image and corporate communication. The training program gives you the tools to improve your skills, attitudes and professional aptitudes, as well as theoretical and technical capabilities.

The image consultant acts on a professional level, as Advisor in professional image, branding, corporate identity and communication. Performs and coordinates events that position and differentiate companies.

It’s a necessary profile in all business sectors. Must be passionate and creative, capable to change consumer perceptions, seek innovation, achieve business results and enjoy their professional work.
The TQA is an exclusive course consisting of an Ártidi own degree with national and international scope recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP, and Trends School.

The European Technician in Corporate Image, Branding and Communication course lasts 200 hours, is divided into 2 training modules and a final project that combines theory with practice. Each of these modules includes a percentage of hours aimed at expanding complementary knowledge (CACC) which assesses the work of the students in each of our projects.

  • Learn the professional skills of the corporate image consultant.
  • Define and use the most suitable tools for the corporate image consulting.
  • Define strategies and elements of corporate identity.
  • Knowledge of the different areas: communication, intervention of spaces, corporate image, protocol and collective image.
  • Develop the concepts needed to redefine the name, logo and symbols that identify a company.
  • Collaborate in the management and organization of corporate events.
  • Create and implement corporate identity manuals.
  • Implement and carry out real corporate projects.
  • Work the capacity for innovation and creativity in the implementation of corporate consulting projects.
  • Achieve a solid base to develop professional career at national and international level. 


The corporate image is a value of differentiation and positioning of companies. It is the set of aspects that make up your personality, the way in which firms convey who are, what are, what they do and how they do them. The professional in corporate counsel is responsible to define it and apply it correctly.

Corporate image consulting
• What is the corporate image consulting?
• The Advisor of image and his team of collaborators.
• Functions of image consulting.
• Collective image consulting: uniforms, style guides, ...

Branding and Corporate Image
• What is a brand? Brand vs. Company.
• The Branding applied to image consulting.
• Components of the company’s image and its dimension.
• Calendar of campaigns.
• Corporate image, the face of a company.
• Three levels of brand’s visual representation: representative, abstract and symbolic.
• Trademarks and legal effects.

Color psychology
• Symbolism and interpretation of colors.
• The most popular colors (and least appreciated too).
• How the context determines the effect: the theory of the black.
• What are the psychological colors?
• New Trends in Color.

Space as a claim of the company
• Public and private space consultancy.
• The walls, the furniture, lighting and details.
• The setting of a conference, a booth and a product presentation.
• The visual communication in commerce.
• Advertising at the Point of Sale
• Partners: architects, interior designers, lighting ...

Business Etiquette
• The organization of the official public acts.
• The social distinctions and titles of nobility. Anthems and Flags.
• Congresses, events, corporate events and activities of a company.
• Different types of business structures and departments.
• Introductions, greetings and visits.
• Invitations, travel leisure and work.
• Gifts: types, when to make them and receive them.

Professional Shopper
• Who and what makes a professional shopper.
• How works the Department of Purchases of a company.
• The store concept through a professional shopper.
• The target and profile of our customers.
• The creation of collection panels.
• Key and essential clothing, basic apparel, trend or storefront garments.

Styling magazines
• Publishing field and types of online and offline publication.
• The operation of the profession.
• The creation of outfits for fashion publications.
• Working with the team: space locators, prop managers, photographers, makeup artists, ...
• The location as the authoring environment.
• Calendar of campaigns.

The ten steps of the corporate assessment process:
1. Internal information: Rules of observation for executive and middle management interviews.
2. External information: Market analysis and the supply and demand law.
3. Identification of the needs, demands and preferences of the company.
4. The Identity manual, communication processes and their application.
5. Analysis of the overall image of the company.
6. Development of the proposal change or modification.
7. Completing the Corporate Advisory Form.
8. Consulting of corporative image at all levels of the company.
9. Involvement of different specialists (graphic designers, advertisers, media agencies...)
10. Feed-back with the client and development of the continuity plan.


A brand’s communication is achieved through its corporate image and identity; values such as coaching, business etiquette, NLP and Brand self form the knowledge that the team’s company should implement to achieve a successful corporate image.

Communication: an essential prop
• What is business communication?
• Internal and external communication.
• Offline and online communication tools.
• Social Networking 2.0. Inditex case.
• Alternative Communication: Buzz marketing, marketing and Street and Cross marketing – click here
• The benefits of a good campaign. Unequal case.

Cool hunting and trends applied to the corporate image
• Cool hunting: what is it and how the profession is?
• Macro and micro trends.
• The process of creation of a trend.
• Identification and implementation of creative trends.
• Scenarios and hot cities.
• Management of trends: how to use information.

Brand Event Planner
• The event: the key moment of the corporate communication.
• The image consultant as an event organizer
• Types of events: campaigns, inaugurations, product launches, fairs, parades etc.
• The Production of the Event: briefing, research, contra briefing and negotiation.
• The Details of the event: from the invitation to the plan B.
• Music, animation and entertainment.
• Good use of planning tools: retro-timing, timing, rundown and road-book.

Personal communication techniques
• The personal communication in the image consulting.
• The body, oral and written expression.
• Communicate clearly and effectively.
• Public Speaking: Speaking in public and in the media.
• The fright, techniques and resources to manage it.
• Counseling process.

Leadership, coaching and motivation
• The leadership as a personal process. Leadership in work teams
• The leader competencies: motivation, communication, NLP, management of emotions, conflict negotiation.
• Coaching in organizations
• The process of training of a coach.
• The art of management.
• How do our work produce successful results?
• Business Motivation.

Personal Brand and Creation of your own business
• Personal Marketing: the ability to sell yourself and your work.
• Principles of the marketing mix applied to our brand.
• How to create my own company?
• Preparation of the business plan.
• Networking and teamwork.

Communicating our work
• Creating a professional blog.
• Give visibility to our blog.
• Making effective presentations.


To complete the academic formation it is necessary to develop a creative and innovative project where all theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the course are applied.

• Briefing and contra briefing
• Mentored project phase.
• Presentation of the final proposal and approval of the Mentor.
• Final project development

The program is taught in Spanish. 

• The program includes theory and actual practices.
• Ártidi teaching team is formed by active professionals.
• In Ártidi we annually conduct the In Company training in more than 20 companies of different sectors. This contact with companies allows us to adapt our training programs to the reality of today's market covering and meeting the needs of the companies.
• Ártidi offers optimal facilities for the training of Professional Image Consultants (hair & make up area, dressing room, color test, materials and products storage, photo call, among other facilities).
• We allocate part of the annual budget to research, innovate and renew our job board.
• After completing the course a Professional Counselor advises students about job opportunities considering their studies; professional experience and personalized SWOT analysis.
• We organize small groups to provide a more personalized training.
• In Ártidi we have surpassed 200 appearances in different national and international media that point us as the top leaders in the field we teach. 

The faculty is composed of active professionals with national and international recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

Estíbaliz Ginestà (Image Consultant, designer and stylist)
Monica Ibáñez(Professional Shopper and Visual Merchandiser)
Dori Fernández (Marketing and alternative communication actions)
David Gómez(Window dresser and Visual freelance)
Núria Grases(Coach, an expert on leadership and communication)
Miriam Torres (Expert in branding and brand image)
Isis del Cueto(BA in Art History and a PhD in Audiovisual Communication)
Javier Blanco(Sculptor and decorator, Bachelor of Fine Arts)
Ursula Uria(Cool hunter and responsible of agency Nelly Rodi in Spain)

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers.

• Participate in the creation of the Corporate Identity Manual and assist on its adoption process.
• Diagnose the needs of the companies based on the analysis of the market.
• Positively influence on the improvement of the corporate image of the company, improving its social positioning and therefore increasing their earnings.
• Keep track of the results and implement new trends.
• Management of multidisciplinary teams on corporate image.
• Motivate the staff of the company to adopt the changes implemented in the image.
• Propose new forms of visual communication to companies.
• Train managers, middle managers and responsible of business communications.
• Collaborate in the implementation of innovative strategies in coaching, NLP and communication techniques applied to the personal professional development as well as to the enterprise.
• Special training as Professional Shopper.  

More than 70 companies national and international collaborate with Ártidi. Through these agreements and our involvement and innovation enables our students be present at companies such as INDITEX, Armani, Hugo Boss, Custo Barcelona, Cortefiel, Springfield, Nike, Adidas, H&M, C&A, IKEA, Conforama, Jack&Jones, Blanco, Diesel, Desigual, Mango, Corte Inglés, Coronel Tapioca, Tous, among others.

Qualifications: European Technician in Corporate Image, Branding and Communication.

Granted by Ártidi Advanced School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. For national and international professional competitions.

To achieve the SQA Double degree at Personal and Corporate Image Consultancy will be required the TQA European Technician on Image Consulting, Beauty and Styling + TQA European Technician on Corporate Image, Branding and Communication.


Aimed at professionals in industries such as fashion, design, sales, marketing, business management, image consultants, window dressing, visual merchandisers, as well as people without previous training in the field wishing to obtain training and certification SQA ÁRTIDI to guide your career.


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