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postgraduate | Styling in magazines and art direction

The styling in magazines and Art Direction course is a new concept of specialized training in publishing, both online and offline, working over three axes: fashion, product and spaces. Through this course you will learn to interpret trends and create outfits by which exalt the product that is being promoted.

The Brand Stylist in magazines is a professional with taste and concerns in the fashion world and design, he/she participates in the creation of stories narrated in the editorials, deals with props, the setting, and the layout of spaces, styling and production. His/her knowledge of the brand and the product make their creations behavioral thread that all good editorials must transmit. As Art Director works directly with photographers, makeup artists and producers in various publications: websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, product catalogs, specific publishers, e-commerce,...

Ártidi trains professionals with knowledge and contacts, researchers of new locations, styles, models, products, materials and trends, able to create looks and innovative environments. The tools and techniques learned during the course serve to create fashion and product styles, and interior design in the wide range of publications on the market.

The SQA is an exclusive course consisting of an Ártidi own degree with national and international scope recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP, and Trends School.

The course of specialization in Styling in Magazines and Art Direction has X hours and is divided in 5 training modules combining theory with practice and the preparation of the final project.  

  • Educate students in the field of style for publications, catalogues and magazines of decoration.
  • Develop in them the ability to compose products, styles and trends.
  • Create exhibition trends in publications.
  • Work creativity from the point of view of business and project development.
  • Promote team work with other professionals in the creation process.
  • Provide the necessary tools to apply the acquired knowledge and practices along the source.
  • Place the student in a competitive employment framework knowing the different career opportunities and publishing sectors. 


What is a Brand Stylist?
• The stylist in magazines and art director.
• The great brand ‘s communicator in publications.
• The creator of dreams for sale.
• The Devil Wears Prada versus the brand stylist.
• The great stylists of the 20th century.
• Stylists freelance; with or without agencies?
• 10 steps to follow from the brand stylist.

Don't get lost in the publishing world: analysis of journals and publications
• How a magazine runs and its organizational structure.
• Types of publications: trend magazines, independent, specialized, decor, including product catalogs among others.
• National and international magazines.
• Schedule campaigns: from Valentine's day to Christmas.

Dress up a white paper: layout
• Made and designed for a brand.
• Meeting with the editor or brand.
• Different styles of art applied to the styling.
• Sources of inspiration; from the designers to the music through the film and art.
• Creativity and the production of ideas.

Who's who on the team?
• Locators spaces, prop managers and decorators
• Makes up & hairs
• Photographers

The location as authoring environment
• Indoor or outdoor space.
• Regulations and permits for outdoor spaces.
• Locations with or without a budget.
• How to hire, from the hotel lobby to a palace ball room.

Street in search of props
• Small details count.
• The best search: fairs, showrooms, street markets and shops.
• Custom orders.

The impact of photography: fashion and art
• Fashion photographers: visual review of the iconic images of fashion photography and its authors.
• Basics of photography: types of camera, targets, plans, framings, types of light...
• The relationship between the photographer and the stylist brand.
• Prepare a photo shoot and work for a production team.
• The importance of educating the eye.

Production; the recipe for success
• Timing: things on time.
• The day of making it happen.
• Face the unforeseen.
• Post-production: objective achieved.
Practical workshop
• Creation of Brainstorming; mood board and layout.
• Workshop (fashion editorial).


Model agencies and its function
• Type of agencies.
• Casting of models and fitting.
• Second personality; thousand and one models.
• The woman and the man as audience.

Fashion has no wrinkles
• Designers of the 20th century: from Charles Frederick Worth to Politically Incorrect.
• Style Icons : from Mata Hari to Kate Moss.
• Current styles and trends.

Cool hunter and new trends in fashion
• Where are the trends and how to apply them?
• Current trends. cultural immersion versus sightseeing.
• Scenarios of trends in Europe. hot cities.
• The life cycle of a trend.

Showroom; walkways and fairs
• Fashion schedule: national and international fairs and fashion shows.
• Showroom & public relationship.
• Alternative designers


How does the Brand stylist works in a decor magazine?
• Contact with the publishers of indoors editorials.
• How four walls becomes a place of sensations?
• Make a good contacts  portfolio to find the best homes.
• Subliminal advertising or direct sale

Types of settings and styles in the creation of a report
• The evolution of the different styles in history.
• Influence of Interior design and architecture to interior styling
• Cool hunter and new trends
• The importance of the Christmas decor magazines

Different types of reports according to location
• Living spaces: study, loft, houses and apartments, among others.
• Blank spaces to create styles of interiors.
• Outdoor areas: from a garden to a beach


Types of product composition
• The influence of the brand and style.
• The composition according to the ideology of the publications.
• When the product creates own ambience.

The product and the visual aesthetic: product placement
• Only product.
• Product-themed.
• Product as part of the scenery.

Focus point & fashion placement
• Focus point as the reinterpretation of the product in the space.
• The product as an street art.
• New trends in the implementation of an article.
• Creative ways: design versus art.


Workshop: Techniques for promoting your personal brand with creativity
• To have answers you need to do things differently.
• Useful and practical tools to exploit your creativity.
• How to unlock and argue the performance of creative potential.

Professional development and brand self (online subject)
• Design and build your own professional blog.
• Effective ways of job searching: internet, networking and self nominations.


To complete the academic formation it is necessary to develop a creative and innovative project where all theoretical and practical knowledge are applied.

The program is taught in Spanish. 

• It is the only professional course in this field carried out in Spain.
• Is provided from two specific points of view: advertising and selling.
• The job opportunities are aimed at all types of publications.
• Only in Spain there are more than 5000 publications that may need your services.
• Teaches you to lead teams of production, make-up artists, and photographers, locators of spaces, hairdressers and models.
• At the end of the course a professional counselor advises students about job opportunities. considering their studies; professional experience and personalized SWOT analysis.

The faculty is comprised of working professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

• David Gómez (Stylist, art director and window dresser)
Cristina Fado (Stylist and art director specializing in fashion)
• Estíbaliz Saenz (Stylist, art director and image consultant)
• Manda Verrier (Interior Stylist)
• Bea Parras (Designer, stylist, window dresser and visual)
• Carlos Moreno(Fashion Photographer)
• Dani Moon (Hair & Make-Up, expert in facial image and makeup)
• Úrsula Uria (Cool hunter and responsible agency Nelly Rodi Spain)
Francesca Tur (Creative Director and trend analyst)

Publishing professionals participating as speakers in each edition: Editors CYL Magazine, H Magazine, Contract Project, Interiors, ...

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• Carry out outfits with models and products for different publications and media.
• Innovative actions achieving the best Visual perspective in a photograph.
• Transgressor techniques and strategies  to create trends in publications.
• Strategies of combination and placement of products and decorations from the point of view of the window dresser and visual merchandising.
• Study and fieldwork to get indoor and outdoor locations.
• Lead the production team, make-up artists, hairdressers, lighting technicians, photographers, interior designers, stylists... to create images and publications for business success.
• Investigate and analyze the visual styling factors getting a brand differentiation.
• Apply creativity with a special sensitivity to detail.
• Indoor and outdoor spaces transformations for outfits in magazines. 

Ártidi has agreements with over 90 partner companies with international and national recognition for training practices: Ikea, Escada, La Mallorquina, Inditex Group, Custo, LROptics, Adolfo Dominguez, Intersport, McGregor, Oysho, Reebok, Pronovias, Swatch, La Perla, Adidas and others.
The school organizes activities and events in large shopping centers, associations, fairs and markets, art galleries and businesses where student projects are exposed.  

Qualifications: SPQA specialization on styling in magazines and Art Direction.

Granted by Ártidi Advanced School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. National and international professional competitions. 


Aimed at professionals in industries such as fashion, design, sales, marketing, image consulting, window dressing, visual merchandising, publicity, cool hunting, as well as people without experience but wishing to get training and SQA ÁRTIDI certification to guide their career.


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