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intensive | Creative packaging: play with the senses

The presentation of a wrapped item with an original packaging is very valued by the costumer. A different and cared package brings a great value to the product, even if it is low cost. The perception of the packaging provides an image that reinforces the Brand.

This short time course aims to teach the latest trends in gift packaging, using creative ways and to take advantages of the resources offered by the same product.

The Creative Packaging course has 15 hours taught from a theoretical and practical methodology in order to learn how to customize your gifts through a creative way to wrap them. Furthermore, it will teach you the psychological effects that produce the different ways to wrap gifts.

  • Demonstrate ways to wrap a gift package, taking into account the physical characteristics of the product, aesthetics, style and image that the brand wants to convey.
  • Teach attendees the necessary technical skills to create their own creative packages with their own personality.
  • Show the student the latest trends in packaging.
  • Learn to merge packaging with fashion.
  • Address the importance of the packaging as dissemination of a brand. 


When, who and why?
• Calendar and special dates
• Different packaging for different ages
• Different packaging for different celebrations
• Tastes and personalities: custom package

Bend, grasp and paste; Where do I start?
• Techniques for various papers and ribbons.
• Where put the ribbon?
• Resources: don’t help me to hold!
• The art of handling paper: create original shapes.
• All kinds of instruments to create: from the most traditional to the most innovative.

More than wrappers.
• Bases and criteria for the composition (form, proportion, texture and color)
• The world of papers
• What you can do with a gift Ribbon
• Ties, the nostalgia of the old
• Change the look with accessories
• Recycle to create
• Suppliers, trade fairs and the web world

Born to seduce
• Forgotten classics.
• Sophisticated packages.
• Bold wrap and corporate packages.
• Quick wrap: I have not patience!
• Economic gifts, surprising packages.


Furoshiki: Japanese technique - click here
• The art of fabrics wrapping. 
• Ecological bag or double gift?
• Each product with its style.

Washi ribbons: latest trend in packaging - click here 
• Discover the creative world of the Washi Ribbon.
• Revolutionary ribbon that floods the decoration. Creative combinations!
• How, where and when to use them? And where to buy them?

The five senses
• How to move with a gift?
• Creativity & senses = surprise.
• The packaging as a route for the senses.


Know how to wrap to, hire me
• The creative packaging within the showcase.
• Packaging: Packaging as well as diffusion of the brand.
• Using wrappers to Street Marketing actions.
• How a bag is develop on paper and tie? A new packaging for the brand

Attendees should bring a pair of scissors and a roll of wrapping tape with a dispenser and a stapler.
Workshop with actual demonstrations.

The program is taught in Spanish. 

The faculty is comprised of working professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

• Montse Morales (General Director of Ártidi and trainer of trainers at ICE of the University of Barcelona. Trainer at the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona).
• Ona Lohse (Interior designer, window dresser specializing in commercial spaces, events and packaging)
• Mónica Ibáñez (Visual image of Coordinator Trucco company)

See the guidance department for each edition’s teachers. 

• Learn how to wrap different types of volumes and forms.
• Innovate in the gift and packaging sector to achieve the commercial identity.
• Experimenting with different techniques of wrapping products in function of the target or brand.
• Packages for store front or showcases.
• Brand and corporate packages.
• Create packaging for the brand.
• Packaging and season wrap.
• Classes for fast courier companies.
• Latest trends in packaging: Furoshiki.

ARTIDI offers a course pack + hotel accommodation thanks to an agreement with a hotel chain of Barcelona. Check availability and price school secretary.


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