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postgraduate | European technician on image consulting, beauty and styling

The European Technician on Image Consulting, Beauty and Styling course, prepares you to be a professional capable to function in the field of image and personal advice. The training program gives you the tools to improve your skills, attitudes and professional aptitudes as well as your technical and theoretical capabilities.

The Image advisor acts personally advising on style, beauty, etiquette, protocol and poise. Reinforcing and improving the image and personality of the individuals improving their self-esteem and their chances of individual success.

Ártidi forms passionate and creative professionals able to change the consumer’s perception, at the same time than looking for innovation to achieve business success and a better personal and professional performance.

The TQA is an exclusive course consisting of an Ártidi own degree with national and international scope recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP, and Trends School.

The European Technician on Image Consulting, Beauty and Styling course has 200 hours; it is structured in 2 training modules and a final project that combines theory with practice. Each of these modules includes a percentage of hours aimed at expanding complementary knowledge (CACC) which assesses the work of the students in each of our projects.

  • Learn the skills of the personal image consultant.
  • Define and use the most suitable tools for the personal image consulting.
  • Identify and understand customers, their preferences, profession and their every day activities in order to carry out the projects successfully.
  • Work the aspects related to the image, protocol, style, beauty, etiquette and poise.
  • Improve and enhance the image and style taking into account the concepts of color, lines and shapes and its symbolism in makeup and hair.
  • Apply new trends in fashion, image and beauty in the projects developed.
  • Acquire the knowledge to develop the activity of Personal Shopper.
  • Implement and carry out real projects, both with teammates and real clients.
  • Work the capacity of innovation and creativity in the implementation of image consulting projects.
  • Achieve a solid base to develop the professional career at national and international level. 


What about the image? What we reflect with our appearance and the way we dress? In this module you will learn to analyze what reflects our image and to propose the necessary changes to improve it through the process of counseling. In addition you will learn the profession of Personal Shopper so you can guide your customers to choose the best item for every occasion considering his personality and physical appearance.

The image, mirror of the soul
• What about the image? The imaging.
• The image consulting professional and its features.
• The objective of the image consulting.
• How to capture the image of the client with objectivity.
• The image iconology and its symbolism.
• The physical characteristics and its relationship with personal image.

The client
• Understand and well advise a client.
• Recognize the customer's style.
• Enhance the style of a client without changing it.
• Customer Psychology.
• How to advise the client according to their position, needs and age.

Visual study of the human body
• The concept of typology and types of people according to their morphology.
• The human figure: actual proportions and idealized proportions.
• Body movement: body, arms-hands, and legs.
• The importance of body language: the ratio of face, body and movement.
• The overall image.

• Types of face and the ideal proportions of the face and factions.
• Anatomical lines of the face. The communicative triangle and its graphical representation.
• The counseling process and design of corrections.
• Face accessories (optics).
• Harmony between different aspects of the clients’ personal image: their physical characteristics, makeup, hairstyle, clothing and accessories.

• The concept of Etiquette, social customs and social skills.
• The Etiquette on the basis of the event: social, political, religious, business.
• Social activities: introductions and greetings, visits and invitations, Etiquette during dinner.
• The importance of the poise.
• Male and female Etiquette.

Ten steps of the counseling process
1. Getting information through observation and interviewing guidelines.
2. Identification of needs, demands and preferences of the client.
3. Assessment of client statuses of skin, hair and body.
4. Analysis of the overall image of the client.
5. Proposal preparation based on the collected data.
6. Preparation of the Image Advice Form.
7. Advising the client about its personal image.
8. Participation of different specialists (hairdressers, makeup artists ...)
9. Feed-back to the client.
10. Development of the continuity plan.

What is a personal shopper?
• The shopping expert
• Identification of client’s personal style: preferences, priorities and needs.
• The personal shopper functions. Routes of shops and how to navigate on them.
• How to plan the shopping experience.
• How a personal shopper moves in a store without being influenced by the visual.
• Practice of the personal shopper service.
• Personal Shopper plus: expert in gifts, travel and home organization.


The styling in clothing and beauty complete the process of personal counseling. The constant evolutions of fashion continuously transform personal styles and clothing. Factors such as color and its symbolism and forms applied to the face, body and hair perfect the overall design of our image.

History and influence of fashion in society
• What is fashion? How it arose?
• The Haute Couture, the beginning of a career.
• Style icons that have shaped the aesthetic ideal.
• 90’s to present: new concept of luxury.
• Current fashion and trends.

Color and its symbolism in personal image
• Color applied to image consulting.
• The influence of light, tone and shadows.
• The color test practice.
• Combinatorial of colors in the styling.

• Identification of each garment natural or artificial fibers fabrics.
• Classification of fabrics according to its texture.
• How to distinguish a taffeta from twill?
• Fall or volume?
• Choose the fabric and garment for every occasion.
• Finishing and treatment.
• Learn to understand the label of a garment and its symbols of conservation.

Dressing style: outdated fashion, the never ever style.
• What is the difference between elegance and style?
• Types of styles, aesthetic concepts and how to make a book of styles.
• Types of garments and harmony between them.
• Clothing and its impact on the personal image.
• The proportions of the human body.
• Optical corrections through clothing.
• The importance of accessories.
• Male and female wardrobe.
• The outfits for every occasion

Make –up
• Concept of Make-up.
• Beauty and male and female typologies.
• Identification of the skin and solar care.
• Essential cosmetics for your skin.
• The makeup case and the brushes of the makeup artist.
• Social Makeup: Makeup and application methods.
• Types of makeup: day, evening, night and fantasy.
• Corrections design through makeup.
• Self Makeup.
• Man and beauty: facial care and cosmetics.

Hair: short or long? ¿Highlights or highlights?
• Study of hair: structure and typologies.
• Care and specific cosmetics.
• Design of corrections: cuts and techniques.
• Color: dyes, highlights and streaks.
• Male beauty: hair care and shaving.
• From smooth to wavy: their secrets.
• Pigtails and collected: techniques and utensils.

Body care
• Body cosmetics.
• Manicure.
• Pedicure.


To complete the academic formation it is necessary to develop a creative and innovative project where all theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the course are applied.

• Briefing and contra briefing
• Mentored project phase.
• Presentation of the final proposal and Mentor’s approval.
• Final project development

The program is taught in Spanish. 

• The program includes theory and actual practices.
• Ártidi teaching team is formed by active professionals.
• In Ártidi we annually conduct the In Company training in more than 20 companies of different sectors. This contact with companies allows us to adapt our training programs to the reality of today's market covering and meeting the needs of the companies.
• Ártidi offers optimal facilities for the training of Professional Image Consultants (hair & make up area, dressing room, color test, materials and products storage, photo call, among other facilities).
• We allocate part of the annual budget to research, innovate and renew our job board.
• After completing the course a Professional Counselor advises students about job opportunities considering their studies; professional experience and personalized SWOT analysis.
• We organize small groups to provide a more personalized training.
• In Ártidi we have surpassed 200 appearances in different national and international media that point us as the top leaders in the field we teach. 

The faculty is composed of active professionals with national and international recognition in different brands. It is a team that integrates training with business reality.

Estíbaliz Ginestà(Image Consultant, designer and stylist)
Isis del Cueto(BA in Art History and a PhD in Audiovisual Communication)
Judith Amabat(Image Consultant and Personal Shopper)
Dani Moon(Hair & Make-Up, an expert in image and makeup)
MercèMiguel (Image Consultant and Personal Shopper)
• Silvia Foz (Image Consultant, personal marketing expert)
• Collaboration of STUDIOTEX,experts in fabrics

Consult the guidance department on each edition’s teachers.

• Management of multidisciplinary teams on personal image.
• Innovative techniques to create trends in image consulting.
• Select professionals involved in the implementation of image consulting, styling and beauty advice (makeup artists, hairdressers, ...).
• Assess the needs of customers according to their social profile and profession.
• Evaluation of the results of the process of change in wardrobe.
• Develop consulting and continuity plans according to customer.
• Advise on fashion styling for catalogs, fashion shows, showrooms, cinema, theater and television.
• Train store staff on personal shopper knowledge and personal image consulting. 

More than 70 companies national and international collaborate with Ártidi. Through these agreements and our involvement and innovation enables our students be present at companies such as INDITEX, Armani, Hugo Boss, Custo Barcelona, Cortefiel, Springfield, Nike, Adidas, H&M, C&A, IKEA, Conforama, Jack&Jones, Blanco, Diesel, Desigual, Mango, Corte English, Coronel Tapioca, Tous, among others.

Qualifications: European Technician on Image Consulting, Beauty and Styling.

Granted by Ártidi Advanced School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. With national and international professional competitions.

To achieve the SQA Double degree at Personal and Corporate Image Consultancy will be required the TQA European Technician on Image Consulting, Beauty and Styling + TQA European Technician on Corporate Image, Branding and Communication. 

Aimed at professionals in industries such as fashion, design, sales, marketing, business management, image consultants, window dressing, visual merchandisers, as well as people without previous training in the field wishing to obtain knowledge and certification SQA ÁRTIDI to guide their careers.


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